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Stone And Marble Fireplace Treatments
Interior designer Diane Quinton of Studio Q Interiors contacted me to replicate a marble sample for one of two fireplaces for client.
The other fireplace was to have a subtle stone pattern to match a color chip. After matching the samples and getting them approved I went to the clients
house and completed the job in three days. This included a protective clear-coat over both. One day was needed to make two sample-boards to match the marble slab.

Faux Marble technique    (dark patina in all cracks & crevices to replicate age)
close-up of veining and marble pattering    (before below)

Faux Stone technique

close-up of faux stone technique  (before below)    (dark patina in all cracks & crevices to replicate age)

Before pictures (industrial white paint)

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Fireplace Embellishment
Completing a  "7-Color Soft  Faux Marble with White Belagio" veining.


This client had a stone fireplace that she wanted to have more Marbling or
veining character added to it.  The alcoves were also faux treated a golden tone.



Two color faux stone treatment over painted fireplace                                                             Close-up (notice darker faux marble on top)

 (dark patina in all cracks & crevices to replicate age)



This is an example of faux stone over a plaster fireplace.

after                                                                                 before
 (dark patina in all cracks & crevices to replicate age)

Plaster into Stone # 2 with painted Embellishments  ABSTRACT PAINTING

after                                                                                before


Stone And Marble Fireplace Treatments
after                                                                                             before


The fireplace was primed black and then painted with pure powdered bronze leaf metal..
It was then distressed and a antique patina was applied with the clear over-coat.

Outdoor fireplace area with hand painted accents


I  faux painted this large fireplace to appear like aged stone with marble columns.
It was previously painted an industrial white. Now it has much needed character & looks just like stone.
the side columns were treated to a matching polished marble treatment.

Close-up         (notice the dark patina in all cracks & crevices to replicate age)

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Abstract plaster sculpture installed above fireplace


 Aged  with subtle color enhancements. (was all white)

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